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chapter 240 : General info
Apr 12, 2010 | comment | 2 comment(s)

Hello, peeps!

Just want to let you know, I do have a TUMBLR. Yes, people. I do have one. And I also have a formspring. So, anything you wanna know, anything you wanna ask, just leave it at my formspring, alright?

Besides that, I show how I feel through my tumblr too! I think tumblr is the easiest way to express the feeling kot? To those who doesnt understand what is tumblr is do drop your question thru my formspring. HAHA. Saja promote. LOL!

Im not feeling good right now. Im having flu and running nose. Sigh. So, get well soon Farah. Well, currently, I havent update my tumblr yet but SOON! Yes, soon I'll update it. My tumblr will alive back. Yeahh! Just want to remind you, DO NOT BOTHER TRY TO SEARCH MY NAME on facebook cause I already delete it. Facebook is gay and myspace is sucks. Take note on that (:

Click the link for formspring and tumblr :

So, that's all for now I guess. Oh, do click the nuff yeah. Thanks. Hahas (:

Im off to bed. Night night.
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