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chapter 208 : I would love it
Mar 11, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

I would love it,
  • if you tell me I love you right now.
  • if you tell me I love you right now and mean it with all your heart.
  • if you tell me that I’m beautiful every day.
  • if you webcam me.
  • if you randomly send me messages to cheer me up.
  • if you sneak up from behind and kiss me on the cheek.
  • if you stay up with me all night so that I wouldn’t have to rush out my report alone.
  • if you randomly send me a text saying that you miss me.
  • if you would watch horror movies with me and be scared with me.
  • if you would hold my hand in front of your friends.
  • if you will treat me as if I were your one and only.
  • if you would spend time with me, just talking about anything and everything.
  • if you would watch the sunrise and sunset with me.
  • if you would accompany me when I run errands.
  • if you would give me wake up calls.
  • if you hug me from behind.
  • if you let me sleep in your arms.
  • if you allow me to drag you shopping.
  • if you gave me a heart shaped balloon.
  • if you treat the time we spend together as if it’s our last.
  • if you tickle me until we both collapse with laughter.
  • if you showed up at my house with a bouquet of roses.
  • if you whisper into my ear.
  • if you would play the guitar and serenade me.
  • if you jumped on my back, and made me give you a piggy back ride.
  • if you hug me and lift me off the ground.
  • if you taught me how to do some of your favourite hobbies.
  • if you slept in my arms.
  • if you kissed my neck.
  • if you kissed me on the cheek.
  • if you kissed me tenderly on the lips.
  • if you make a list of what you love me doing for you.
  • if you make a list of what you love doing for me.
  • if you stargazed with me.
  • if you show me where your ticklish spot is.
  • if you take me to your house to have a meal with your family.
  • if you cook for me.
  • if you listen to my favourite music with me.
  • if you would take photobooth pictures with me.
  • if you would act silly with me.
  • if you got matching rings for us.
  • if you made a shoutout to me on my favourite radio channel.
  • if you stole me for a day just to take me out to have a good time.
  • if you put on my makeup for me, just for fun.
  • if you visited me at school and held me.
  • if you could make me smile for no apparent reason.
  • if you fell asleep on the phone with me and mumbled “I love you”.
  • if you would grab my fat and yell “Hello, wobbly bits!”
  • if you took care of me when I was sick.
  • if you come over to my house in the middle of the night just to have a glimpse of me because you missed me.
  • if you took me on an adventure.
  • if you helped me pick out clothes.
  • if you wrote love letters to me.
  • if you cared for me with all your heart.
  • if you loved my flaws.
  • if you give me a reason everyday why you love me.
  • if you give me the courage to keep moving forward, because you know I need a little push.
  • if you lean in when I talk just because you want to be near me, and not because you didn’t hear me. Because we both know you did.
  • if you could see that you’re the love of my life.
  • if you knew how much I love you.
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