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chapter 164 : Shopping.
Jan 26, 2010 | comment | 2 comment(s)

I went out to OU with my beloved sister. vomit -_- HAHAHA. She's on leave today so yeah we went out together. She woke me up at 12pm and I went bathe blablabla so gerak dari rumah 1.30pm kot? Reach OU at 2pm. And wooahh. Weekdays pun parking penuh ye? -_- I wondering apa la you guys buat. Agak semakkan lot parking je -_-

Why OU? Cause OU is big and lots of shop! LOL! That is what she told me la kan. She planning to shop and me? Tukang tengok la. $$$ tarak. Haha. Damn! Now sales for CNY. Sigh. Oh yeh the car parking fee so cheap. Only RM1 per entry**. Heh ada star star (**) means ada la maksud tersirat tu. Jangan caye sgt RM1. But that time mmg I kena bayar RM1 je. Hahaha.

Firstly, we go makan at pizza hut. Yummy yummy. Its been long time I didnt eat pizza. Yela, sejak unemployed ni kan. Hahaha. And at the same time Im having stomach pain. Aww. Benci! After that, we went to nichii. She bought a few tops which Im the one who choose for her. Seriously, she memang x reti nak fashion. Oops =x HAHA. Thats why she bring me along. LOL. She supposed to hang out with her boyfriend but I dunno what happen. Aww. Hugs*

Then, she bought a ballet shoes and a sandal and I choose for her jugak -_- Then went to PADINI she bought me a new kemeja. Thanks sis. I choose long sleeve cause lagi proper kot? Haha. White color and got purple stripes (: Why not pink? Cause all the pink color SO FUGLEH! So, jalan-jalan and we stop at this one jelly shop. They made jelly LIVE! Lol.

Im not sure what design they are doing actually. So I just watch and o.o ohhh. Begitu. Haha. Time is tickin. It shows 6-ish and we decided to go bak and still my stomach pain gilaa. Before we reach home, we slack at Safiz, Hartamas. Makan-makan and had tok tok and tok and I reach home around 8.

After bathe, as usual im facing the monitor and dad came from behind and told me tomorrow I have to go an interview at Seri Pacific Hotel. He already arrange everything for me. Thanks, dad. So, wish me luck guys (:

p/s : Lucky I bought the kemeja. Im sooo gonna wear it tomorrow =p
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