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chapter 163 : Dear, readers.
Jan 25, 2010 | comment | 4 comment(s)

Im not showing off or anything. It just im SHOCK O.O
Walao. I never know I got silent reader before? Lols. And Hannah, yeah this post is for you! LOL. Thanks for reading my blog. I really appriciate it and keep reading yeh (:

Yesterday I sleep at 5am in the morning. I cant sleep as usual. So I went to my blog and kinda lots of ppl says my blog is interesting? LOL! U guys sure anot? Haha. When I read back my post, im so pathetic wey. Lots of emo post and stupid stuff blablabla -_-
But seriously, thanks guys for coming and do click the nuffnang! Tehee xD

Oh btw, I would love to put the comment thingy for each post that I wrote but I cant. I dunno why? Im still figuring it out. Its more easier I guess for u guys to drop any comment. But nevermind, I do own cbox. So say HI or HELLO or HEY to me! LOL!
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