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chapter 162 : Rush hour
Jan 24, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

Gahh. What a tiring day. Sigh. I set alarm @ 11.30am and woke up @ 1.30pm. I keep snooze the alarm. Lol. Im kinda rushing cause I have an interview today @ One Utama. Went to OU with Ariff and reach there around 3.30pm. They close at 4pm so still sempat lagi la :D

So, the interview? Okay je and macam biasa la ayat ni mesti kuar punya "So, in 1 or 2 weeks, we will give u a call". Yada yada. After that me and him went for makan @ McDonalds. Yummy yummy. Dah lama x mkn McD. Lol. Then we went for a walk. Jalan-jalan. Besar betul OU ye. Gaya cam xnah gi plak. Hahaha. I hate OU. Seriously. The shopping mall like so damn fcukin big! They got new wing and old wing which kinda confusing @@

Oh, suddenly I remembered. At OU ada garden. Hehe. So both of us went to the upper roof and guess what? We lost. Again. LOL. See, OU so confusing! Urghh. Finally we found the Secret Garden. Nice place and nice jugak Ariff didnt bring his camera. Rugi. Lol. The garden quite big la and quite messy dgn pokok-pokok tu semua -_-

Ariff is going back to Jerantut on this tuesday. Im gonna miss you. So yeh, we spent our time together and what we did? We chill out at McDonalds and wifi together. LOL. I never get chance to online at the outside with him, so yeah. We slack and tok tok and tok. Online blablabla. Best. Santai je. Heee. We reach there at 8pm and went bak home around 2-ish.

We bought nasi lemak at Kampung Baru for supper. Woahh. Gila kenyang. Ariff ate 5 nasi lemak and me? 3 bungkus. LOL. Lucky nasi lemak tu kecik-kecik je. Besa tapak tangan. LOL. Now, nasi lemak rm1 or rm2 an? Yang ni, baru rm0.70 je so mmg sesuai lah harga dengan benda tu kan. Small je (:

After that, I audi till 5 and yeah Ariff end up sleep at my house. LOL.
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