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chapter 161 : I'm waiting for you
Jan 24, 2010 | comment | 1 comment(s)

I dunno wth is my phone. I cannot find it. Sigh. Just now I throw it away but dunno dia poof ke mana. Lol. Im so bored. I cant sleep. Its 4.59am and im still awake. Heh. Macam x biasa plak. Lol. I should sleep early cause im going for an interview at One Utama today.

Nowadays, my phone kinda lonely. Yeah, super duper lonely cause no text receive and no incoming call. Rasa macam nak off je phone tu. Malas nak pakai dah. Bila fikir balik, susah pulak. If any emergency or anything aite. Tapi cam sakit hati. LOL. If dulu, rajin la jugak, nak text, nak call. Asyik ringing je phone tu. Now, nak dgr pun susah dah. Ada jugak receive text tapi from hotlink la. Lol -_-

Ada hari tu, saje off phone for 1 day. So the next day I switch on, heh. Satu message pun xda. Gosh. Hampa gila. Bukan I x msg frens or whoever. I did. Betul, I did wey. But no one reply me -_- Agak sakit hati la. LOL. Im waiting. Im waiting for you. Hmm. Okay, im so lonely now. Bored. Emo. Iskk. Go away you stupid hormones! I hate youuu!

Today, I went to audi. I asked kuno to come arena cause he never join the event before. So yeh. I lose at the first round. Sigh. Damnlah. Sumpah xda mood nak press langsung. Then Tyra came. So the couple mushy-mushy in front of me. That is so annoying -_- and im a bit jealous. LOL! Gay -_-

Whatever la. zzzzz
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