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chapter 155 : Cupcake made by ME!
Jan 20, 2010 | comment | 3 comment(s)

I made cupcakes today! Weeee! Clap clap clap! Finally I did it. Haha. After so long an. I started at 5pm in the evening -_- lols. Cause I woke up kinda late. Maybe around 3-ish kot? Cant remember. Oh btw, sorry I din update. Im kinda busy. Yeah busy playing with my emotion. Lols. So yeah, today im in the mood to blogging and I need more moneyyyy $_$
Spam the nuffnang, baby! Haha.

I took the recipe from website. For info, click here. So for the frosting pun from the same website. Click la. Got alot of information bout cupcakes. They got show how to decorate cupcakes blablabla. Wah, promoto blog minah tu plak. Haha. Before that, I search @ youtube - Decoration for cupcakes. I need some ideas, people (:

I think I didnt use the exactly cup for cupcakes but who cares? Bukan I nak jual pun. Lols. And here I show you guys the pictures xD

I made cheesy cupcakes. So, got cheese inside. Yummy yummy. Haha. At first, I try to bake 5 cupcakes I guess? Just nak see see jadi ke x. Lol. First trial tu jadi! Woots! But I didnt taste it. So I dunno sedap or not. I didnt take any photos when I made the frosting cause damn busy! Suddenly x ckup butter. So yeah, went to kedai then continue balik buat frosting. Berpeluh jugak la. Lol.

Kat website tu ckp, leh dapat dlm 12-15 cupcakes. So I make it double! Shud be dapat dlm 20 sumthing la kan? tapi hampeh. Dapat dlm 18 ketul je. Hahaha!
I give it to my sis and I ask her how issit taste. Nice or not. Haha. The cupcakes SUPERB DELICIOUS WEY! hahaha. Sumpah bangga gila buat. First time buat kot. Yummy gila! LOL. Im proud of myself! Lol. Nanti nak wat bday cake pulak =p

The next day, open ice box, oni left 2 je? wth? zzzzzzzz. Thats mean sedap la tu =p
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