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chapter 154 : Tiring day
Jan 19, 2010 | comment | 3 comment(s)

Tomorrow im gonna make cupcake! Im promise! hahaha. This time, xda tangguh-tangguh lagi da. Hee xD

I slept at 8.30am. Eh wait. No. I think its around 9 I guess? Yeah. Around 9am. Lols. Then wake up at 12pm, bathe and all went to chow kit road, I bought the cup, shortening blablabla. So semua barang dah complete. Esok kita mulakan operasi! Yeay! =p

Im abit down today. So yeah, bangun tidur dengan mata yang sembab-sembab. Haish, serabut gila la. Since tyra is around I told her bout it. Nak cite kat leya nnt dia nag itu la ini la. Malas la nak dengar. Lol. Im planning to switch off my phone. Gedik an? Ske ati aku la. Haha. Bila fikirkan balik, if ada job offer camne? Ha..

Seriously, I dont have enough rest cause tidur x cukup and guess what? Currently im addicted with Boys Over Flower drama. Rofl. Drama itu sangat menarik perhatian beta. LOL.
Im planning to make some changes to my desktop. Saje. Boring. Lols. Currently, this is my desktop.

click for larger image (:

I think im gonna find more wallpapers (:
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