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chapter 156 : You tell me lies.
Jan 21, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

I dont believe it. FAKE! Sigh. I give up on life. I had enough. This week is hard for me. All thing come mcm kena shoot? Faint. Im so tired. I wanna resttt. I wanna sleep and I dun wanna wake up anymore. I feel scared to live again. I dunno where should I go? Who should I turn to? I have no one now. Im totally 100% LOST!

Im deleting all my love song. I wish I can format my brain and put a new memory. Sigh. Im so weak! I cannot take it anymore. I need help! Please help me! Take this pain away! Anyone here wanna be my hero? Sigh. No one. I know. Im not happy. Im not happy with my life. Life sucks and getting so gay! Arghh, fcuk!

There is no hope so I stop hoping. I dun wanna hope on something that I wont have it. Im sick of hoping!
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