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chapter 157 : Hey you, lets talk!
Jan 22, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

  • Meet new people

  • Think positive

  • Go shopping! (xda duit =/ )

  • Cheer up and laugh like there is no tomorrow

  • Try not to think too much

  • Just let it gooo. Warghhhh!
Yeah baby! Go farah go! You can do it! LOL! Lame la -_- . Dee called me. Oh my. Sumpah I lega gila when I talked to her okay! Thanks babe! We talked alot pasal shopping la, colors la, boys la. LOL. Its fun and yeah I almost forget my problem when I talked to her. Feel like beban tu hilang for awhile. Even only for awhile but syukur gila la.

I try not to cry when I talked to her and yeahhhh. I didnt cry. Err oni 1 drop jela jatuh but still! Hahahaha! Maybe I think too much kot since im period now an. So, the bad bad naughty hormones tu keep disturbing me! Urghhh. Go awayyy!! I hate yuhhh! Jahat gila hormones-hormones tu. Bencii =/

I will try to x fikir sangat and x nak terlalu ikutkan perasaan. Hmm.. Jys me! Lols. Since im in this condition jgn harap la nak happy sgt an? But I will try not to be sooooo emo la (:

Im finding a person who can make me laugh till stomach hurts. Lols. Anyone wanna give a try?
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