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chapter 153 : The first and last.
Jan 18, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

Currently im listening to - ss501 - Because Im Stupid.
Im thinking bout you all the time (:

Today is Monday. I hate you Mr.Monday! Youre so bad, mean and err. Whatever lah! I hate you! LOL. My previous post, im planning to do cupcake aite? X jadi aite? So today, dengan semangat nya nak buat la. I search @ google where I can find the stupid cup for cupcake but there is no result yang memuaskan hati beta. Sigh.

I asked help from Tyra. She told me got one kedai @ Chow Kit near PizzaHut there yang jual benda-benda camtu la. diao. So I went to Chow Kit and good la. Nice la. The shop already close. Sigh. Kau! Suka hati mak bapak kau kan nak tutup nak bukak kedai kau! Kau ingat aku datang x guna minyak ke hah! Sakit hati aku, kau tau x! Ada x kau fikir, if ada org nak datang ke pasni tu sume. Bodoh la! Bila aku cakap bodoh, kau marah. Sigh. Sorry. Terlebih emo plak. Sigh -_-

Its fuckin raining here. So mandi hujan la. I never mandi hujan before and yeah I got headache already. Damn! This is my first and last experience! I swear I wont go out if its goin to rain. Hell no! Dah banyak dah dosa tersurat arini cause macam-macam words keluar dah. Hahaha.

A few minutes ago, mom ask me not to sleep today. Wtf? -_- Im not a robot, mom. I need sleep too like other people. Im active @ night. rofl. Tamo dirty minded tau =p
Yeah, I active @ night and I sleep late. So mum ask me not to sleep and when siang go to Chow Kit again and buy that stupid cup. InsyaAllah la, mum. Tengok la keadaan camne. LOL.

After bathe, I found one paper on the floor and it says Ain, tolong vacuum bilik. Thank you! (:
I wish I can show her the middle finger. Hahaha.
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