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chapter 152 : Hello, GB-ians !
Jan 18, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

I just joined Geng Blogger this morning. Well at first I never think I will join it? Cause im not the type yang suka benda-benda camni? Hahaha. I found Geng Blogger through ariff. Thanks to him jugak. Sudah! Tayah nak bangga diri! zzz. lol. I asked him how to join blablabla. He teach me and yeah. Hello GB-ians. Im noob so dont bully? LOL.

Geng blogger should credit me this cause im promoting their site! LOL. I went sleep at 7am and I woke up at 3.30pm. Nice or not? Haha. Im having insomnia la. Remember? Duh. lol. After that, I on my pc and I go WTF?! WOW! Ramai dah spam my cbox? This is soooooooooo cool wey! Hahaha. Thanks people for coming. I really appriciate it. And I lagi appriciate if you guys click my nuffnang. HAHAHAHA.

Then I went to nuffnang. Wahh. Duit pun da makin naik. Clap clap. Even x seberapa but not bad la. At least I earn something from nothing an? Im new in nuffnang and in blogger too. Before this I din update really much. Busy with game, study, life etc. So yeah. Now im so free like reallyyyy free! Haha. I hope I can update more (:

Basically, I blog bout myself. My daily routine. What happen to Farah blablabla. Sometimes if ada idea, I will blog bout love stuff or anything la. Cause when I see other blogger, they blog about artist, tutorial, gossips blablabla. Sorry, im not really interested with that unless I ada mood to blog about it, I will blog la. Depends (:
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