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chapter 151 : If you go away, you will see me cry
Jan 18, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

You never say good bye,
For a while I sat absent mindedly and emptily
And I thought over again, but I couldn’t stop
I despise myself for having no choice but to think about you all the time

Don’t you let me go,
baby, don’t you let me down

Suddenly I remember this word, "Never Say Goodbye". So I search it @ youtube. I never watch My Girl before. Same goes Boys Over Flower movie. Never watch them. So im planning to dload both kot? Or maybe just Boys Over Flower? (:
I love the song. It really nice and the lyrics too!

After that, I watch his replay @ auditionsea. Finally I got time to watch it. lols. Did I tell you I pass my level 35 license? Heee :D Last exp was 95% kot? So I decided to level up by today (:
I pass-ed and when you come back I will show you the replay, alright? *wink*

Lil told me I look like a japanese girl in msn. He made me LOL-ed. Really? Aww. Thanks. Haha. Tyra told me I look like a barbie doll? ROFL. hahaha. Dah dah. Tamo riak dah. X elok. Tamo ikut behaviour cam orang tu. Riak je keje dia. Hahaha.

Its 5.39am in the morning. I still cant sleep. I think im having insomnia right now. Lols.
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