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chapter 150 : I think im okay for now.
Jan 17, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

I keep awake 2, 3, 4 times. And I keep waiting from your text hope you will say "Good Night", "Take Care", or "Goodbye".

But I didnt receive anything. Only text from Hotlink, "Credit anda hampir luput. Sila tambah jumlah untuk blablabla". Bukan text tu yang I tunggu! Gggrr!!

So I wake up and yeah. I try to live without you. So I should do something fun to cheer me up aite? Lols. I planning to make cupcake today but ........................... hampeh. X jadi lagi. The reason is GOSH! I HAVE NO MOOD TO DO ANYTHING!

Sis asked me to go out with her. At first im so lazy bum to go out cause I have no cash and no mood but then when I think back, I should go out. Meet people, laugh and do some fun stuff? Duduk rumah je, bosan jugak aite. So went out with sis to One Utama and we decided to watch a movie. As usual, she wont watch my movies. So I have to follow her since she gonna pay for it.

We watch malay movie. Faint. Adnan Sempit Movie. LOL. Okay la not bad. I laugh-ed. LOL! That movie make me LOL-ed. Kinda fun and interesting jugak. After that, we went to Safiz, Hartamas. We bought roti canai for dinner. Hahaha. After reach home, eat eat and eat and watch Raja Lawak. Sumpah x lawak langsung! I tertido when I watch it. Gayyy ;diao

I wake up at 10pm and mom scold me for nothing. Actually not nothing but adalah something and it really spoil my mood. Bangun2 je dah kena marah. zzz. I told tyra bout it. Sigh.

And guess what? I din online audi for 1 day :D
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