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chapter 149 : Because Im stupid
Jan 16, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

Even though you could’ve been mine
Even though it was my own mistake
Could you forgive me and take me under your wings
I’m forever crying for you
I’m forever, just missing for you
Baby I love you, Im waiting for you

I hear dis song over and over again. I just love this song. The lyrics means alot to me. I just cant stop smiling right now. I went to nuffnang and I found out my analytics already up and I know he went to my blog too. Im sorry I didnt update much. Im promise, I will update just for you :D

So, whats new? Nothing much. I din make cupcake today. First, I spend my time with audi. lol. Second, I cannot find the cup. Third, I no mood to do anything. So yeah. I just slack at home and play audi.

Currently im in dilemma. I dunno should I go to work this monday or not. Corus Hotel seems very far from my house. I have to take 2 train. First from Segambut to KL Sentral then take another train to KLCC. After that I have to walk 5 minutes to reach there. Walao. Sure penat. Before reach hotel je dah sweating kot? Hahaha.

I asked my mum, sis, ariff, and some of my friends. SHOULD I GO TO WORK THIS MONDAY? lol. Anyone? Total transport fee for 1 day is RM10. Sigh. Dulu RM2 je. RM8, leh makan McDonalds dah. lol.

Im abit emo today. Well not only today. Since yesterday rasanya. Dont ask me why cause im soooo not gonna tell you why. Let it be my little secret. Im so down till I cant stop crying. I think I need a hug from someone to cool me down and... Wipe my tears. Hold my hand and say everything is gonna be alright even is not. LOL. Gahh. Gedik. LOL.

I think im gonna sleep early today. Lols.
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