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chapter 146 : One is not enough
Jan 14, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

Ariff sleepover at my house and we act like a cat dog. He just love to ruins my day and i hate you for that! zzzz. He tried to make some joke. but i din laugh pun. berbulu lagi ada la. haha. plus he likes to tickle me. urghhh! that is soooooooo annoying! sampai i ter-kick dia! LOL. padan muka!

Im using wifi at home. and yeah. this is what ive been doing the whole day.

I play audi use a desktop and a laptop (:

Like my mom said, "Ko ni dah x cukup dengan satu computer kan?" HAHA. i tag hearts till sian. sigh. and kinda stress cause ariff dload some movies, so yeah the connection abit lag. rawrrr!
lil should credit me this =p

Im so bored. soo i got nothing to do, i online audi and dual login. v3 and v6.
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