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chapter 145 : Corus Hotel KL.
Jan 13, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

I received a phone call from Corus Hotel KL. They ask me to come for an interview. So i did. I went this afternoon. 2 times kena interview. 1st with the HR Manager and second with Front Office Manager. I applied for Front Office Assistant since i got experience from Legend Hotel before.

Went with ariff and yeah i late for the interview. LOL. wow, i never late sia before. this is the first time. sigh. should be at 10.30am. but then 10.30 i baru nak bangun? rofl. So i called them and tell i will be late. so i reach there around 12pm.
abit nervous. idk y. thanks to fauzan. he is one of the HR staff. he cool-ed me down. LOL!

After first interview, i went bak home. cause the second interview is around 2-ish? sigh -_-
so better balik, makan. and rest2 jap. lol. the interview okay la. boleh la. mmg nervous nak mati la. my leg shakin u know! gila. lol. they asked me alot -_- which i tergagap jgk nak jwb la.

So, what is the result? they hired me! woots :D I got that job.
I believe in what kak shinar told me. @ 6pm, i received another phone call from Theme Park Hotel, Genting. They ask me to come for an interview this saturday at 12pm @ Genting. faint. satu keje nak gi genting plak dah. haha. im planning to go. but see how la :)
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