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chapter 141 : Hello
Jan 9, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

"It is a risk to love. What if it doesn't work out?
Ah, but what if it does?"

Leya text me and she told me bout him and im like OH-MY-GOD?! faint. i just hate boys. they always make us hoping on them but they never mean it. babe, try to chillin around, okay? im sure there is someone for you outside there. i know how u feel, babe (:

I dunno what happen to ariff. he got fight with his family and i almost be the victim :S
well, i hope he is doing okay la. tamo la gaduh. x elok. waa. ckp org. i pn kdg2 gaduh gak. haha.

Im sorry for late update. actually i got alot to talk about but sadly the word din come out. plus i dunno what to write. and today, i force myself to update cause of nuffnang. lol. so yeh, im back in blogging. i hope i can blog more and more $$$ from nuffnang. lol.

sooo. whats new? nothing much. a few days ago i went to an interview at bukit bintang. i cant remember what is the company name. keje biasa je. so yeah, until now no feedback. lol. bila fikirkan balik, susah jugak if dpt kat sana cause no transport. train ada mmg ada tapi agak jauh dr station. sigh.

if dpt pun i will think bout it over and over again. duit dah xda ni T_T
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