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chapter 136 : Happy New Year 2010 !
Jan 1, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

Ariff came to my place around 9.30pm. Soleha and fahmi gonna pick up us at my place. So yeh 4 of us went to genting highlands to celebrate new year's eve and we said to ourselves too. we're sooo not going to genting by car nextime! haha. lesson for us :S

The car suddenly berasap cause of the clutch? not only us but alot! even fairlady pun sangkut? haha. so we park kat tepi and we slack 1st. while waiting we took some photos (:

around 3 am in the morning, we still not reach at the top? sigh. so we decided to walk. so yeh. WE WALKED to the top! roaarrr! haha. the wind so cold :S i cant stop yawning at the same time cause really sleepy and tired. the traffic jam still same. mcm x bergerak langsung. gerak pun cam turtle? sigh.
finally we reach GENTING at 5 am? LOL. gila. we ate and rest for awhile. we all soo not in the mood that time cause we all cant stop thinking how to get back to kl cause the car dah spoil.
we walked down bak. and last2 kereta mmg x work lgsg. sian tul. sigh. so kena tunda and anta repair.

and guess what i reached home at 12pm! im super duper exhausted! @@
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