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chapter 143 : Who are you?
Jan 11, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

woots. i think i baru je update blog ni like 1minute ago. then i refresh my blog. dah ada 5 online users yang bukak my blog. wow. ini sangat cool! hahaha. benda ni xpenah tipu i, okay? =p
be jealous, people. LOL!

bukan nak riak. tp kenyataan la. tp rs cm da riak ni. tp whatever la an. blog aku. hahahaha. i wonder who is reading right now. issit you're the one? you! yes you la! LOL! obviously la you tgh baca now an? xkan ghost plak. duh! =p

i wish i can see who read my blog everyday. lol. mne tau dlm diam an i ada secret admire ke? ROFL. sungguh perasan. haha.
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