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chapter 142 : Blablabla part 2
Jan 10, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

Im think about changing my link. my blog link. yeah. this link. why? saje. for fun. lol. i wanna make something new kot? rasa boring dah ngn link ni. haha.

Two zero one zero. can i make a wish. only one wish? pleaseee?
i wish i can be a NORMAL person. hahaha. i dont think i am normal right now. currently i dont live in normal life. in two zero one zero i wanna be happy! please, please, please. make my dream come true?

oh guess what, hair do grow! so yeah, my hair is getting longer! haha. i never think bout hair cut? but my sis does. she wanna cut her hair soon. so jys la kan? harap2 sesuai ngn ko la. LOL. she ask my opinion too. but tengok jela soon. camne (:

right now im just sitting at home. macam princess wannabe. bangun tidur je, sume dah ready. lol. mom da prepare food and all. lol. best nyaaa. i feel like im livin in heaven! sumpah bosan gila heaven ni. lol. cause duit x masuk. lol.

when i got free time, i am free now. lol. yeah. i start to cook. macam dulu-dulu (:
that day i made cornflakes cookies. uhm. cam x sedap plak nama tu. pe eh org panggil cornflakes butter? ha. cookies tu. lol. ariff was there. so he helped me la kan. (i will upload the pictures later)

soo. nothing much la these few days. just do normal routine and blablabla.
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