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chapter 139 : The pills
Jan 2, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

i still remembered when we had talk. he asked me, "u amek drugs ke?" LOL! im laughing when i heard that. lol. he JK. yeh yeh. jk uh. poke kang =p

tapi dalam hati mcm ragu2 jugak. i fikir balik "aku ada amek drugs ke? bila masa plak" LOL. actually im having problem with my sleeping time. sometimes, 12pm the nex day pun i couldnt sleep :S

and tyra suggest me to buy sleeping pill? uhm. good idea. boleh la. nanti nak overdose pun senang jgk an? good good. thanks for the idea, tyra! u really helping! haha.

its 5.36am. time ni normal la x tido an. lol. today no mood for audi. when im @ genting, excited gila nak balik cause nak audi. but then, when i reached home.. sigh. memang spoil mood gila. even now xda mood nak audi :(

urgh. feels so hurt.
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