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chapter 130 : save your heart for someone that's worth dying for
Dec 29, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

this post i should post few days ago but i running out of words. haha.

i got 16 miss called from him. im like O.O and i got his text,
he asked me "are you okay? im sorry im not there when you need me. why x text je?"
i replied "call me back?".

thanks for being there when i need you. you're such a good friend <3
remember my previous soo called emo post? haha. im not over him but i just go with the flow. so lets see when is the game will end? winks*

tyra off to kedah. sigh. BOSANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. i miss you already :(
balik la cepat woi. hahaha. and any gift from me x? =p
currently my relationship with ariff not so good i think? i don't know what is the problem =x cause i din see any problem? hahas. he said im changed. am i changed? issit to the good one or the bad one? Good girl gone bad? rofl. haha.

come on, sayang. cheer up. tayah la emo :(
u emo, i lagi la emo. penat la pa oi. sigh. and yes yes, i will change. as your wish. sigh. apa yang changed tatau la. YEAH. i will change =x

that's all i guess?
off to bed. nite nite
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