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chapter 121 : Emo-ing Part 2
Dec 19, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

i changed my layout. so yeh no worries, ur pc x rosak and x cacat cause i just changed my layout pagi tadi. haha.
i changed it to white color cause right now im so emo. emo bukan black color ke? haha. or something like dark to do with it? but mine is suci. perfect! so dia turn to white la. hahaha.
and my sooo called friend ni kan. we got a lil bit conversation before i went mandi. haha.

B : white + pink = cant be you la
F : so black + pink = can be me la? haha.
B : ya. cause white x macam u la.
F : so nak ckp black sesuai dgn i? nak ckp i jahat? haha.
B : maksud i bukan u jahat. ala u paham kan?
F : yea yea. i paham. haha -.-

yeh. sumthin cmtu la convo nye. haha. hampeh gila -.- biala nak jadi angel skit? hahaha. u just jealous. =p
at this moment i dun wanna revert to the old template cause i still in emo condition. LOL. so yeh. cheer me up, people! woots :D
lately, im trying to get myself happy. im trying to be happy! but i think i just pretending to be happy all the time? :(

i try to make new friends in myspace. try to talk more more and more? try to laugh my ass off? try to do funny and random stuff? yeh =.=
but still im not happy. omg. what happen to me? am i dead? or the feeling already dead?

and yeh people, im addicted to "Two is better than one". Today, i hear dat song more den 50 times. i heart it over over and over again. it's a nice song btw (: agak calm when listen to it. LOL.
and d lyrics is nicee too!
me and ariff had fight the whole day. sigh. small matter je. tp bila da besa dan besa. bertambah besa dan meriah la -.-

my sis told me, just ignore him. aha. i wish i could but its not that easy cause we have been together almost 5 years. its like.. we share everything. we had fun together. but sad. why we turn into this? sigh.

i wish i can runaway from this mess. save me before i get over you :(


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