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chapter 126 : blablabla Post
Dec 23, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

i did.. i did try to post something but the word din come out. and i end up stare at the comp for nothing? sigh. im so pathetic. i know.

i think dis week its emo week for me and my friend. its been days we both emo-ing. why im so gayy? sigh. lets cut it out. im tired for emo. hais.
yesterday. yeh. oh no.. wait. kelmarin kot? think so? yeah. kelmarin tyra text me and she said she wanna come to my house cause she wanna transfer sumthin from my pc to her lappy. so she came at 5 somethin? and guess what she wanna transfer audi into her lappy. LOL.

okay, at 1st we try to use the "blue" cable. lol. tapi x work cause celah bedah mana nak cucuk an? haha. so i called one of my friend and he said use the pendrive. im like "damn! camne leh x terfikir? im so stupid? =.=" . so i ask him hw to do it and all and i wont forget ur word, buddy! he said, "cause u're noob" . damn you! so we try until malam and tengah malam =.=
still not working. sigh.

lucky lil was there and i asked him for help. so i came to tyra's place at 3 in the morning! OH-MY-GOD! and yeh finally her audi works. adeh. so we audi till sian. and have a safe journey to langkawi, tyra :)
do text me when you're free yea? hahaha. gonna miss u for 5 days :(

SRG Asia Pacific. rmb dat company? one of their staff called me today and he said im gonna go training for 2 days at KL Central nex week and after dat have to report at Setapak office. sounds like im accepted for that job? haha. hope so?
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