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chapter 120 : im happy. abit?
Dec 18, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

i woke up at 5pm. wahahaha!
thanks to dis sleeping mask. since i bought it, makin lambat plak bangun. hahaha.
maybe cause when i open my eyes, all i can see is DARK AND EMPTY.
so yeah, i bangun and tido balik. LOL!

nothing much today. woke up then bathe. went to mont kiara, mont kiara to shell, shell to sentul, sentul to pasa malam. hahaha. went to pasar malam with sister. beli yong. haha.
i wonder who create dat word "yong" LOL. so yeh. afta makan makan, online and now im facing the monitor and typing.

im thinking what dress im gonna wear for this sunday event. the theme is royalty. so yeah i will become Princess Farah? ROFL. and who is gonna be my prince? =p
looks like my dream will come true to be a princess? lol. even for 1 day? haha. nak jadi cam cinderella la. @12am, tertinggal plak kasut an? hahaha. drama drama. haha -.-

i got a dream. beautiful dream tadi. i dream about edward cullen? haha. and byk mimpi jgk la cause byk kali terjaga. lol. oh maybe i will do my lic soon? xD


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