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chapter 124 : Syaf's birthday party.
Dec 20, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

Happy belated Birthday (:
Princess Syafiqah
sweet 16

from left : ayu, mylia, amirul, princess, aniqi, stranger, atip

i love the cake cause its pink! hahas. the party started a bit late. maybe technical problem? lols. i reach there around 8.45pm and the party started at 9.30pm.
so, mylia jadi host. u did a great job babe. even ada prob ? lols :D

since alot of "kids". LOL. i just slack with tyra and ariff. phew. lucky ada org jgk la nak borak. haha. nothing much la. all the pakcik pakcik and makcik makcik, karaoke la. den amirul ada perform with atikah. nice performance btw even i can see u guys like nervous? haha. the girls, okay la. not bad (:
waa judge org plak aku ni. hahaha.

so we talkin and snap some photos. so yeh. and ariff be the photographer as usual. haha.
in the end, we had fun jgk. lol. photography session a bit funny and i think i enjoyed it. haha.
to tyra : nanti tunggu aku nye 21 bday party =p


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