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chapter 129 : I am saving all my secrets for a deaf man
Dec 28, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

so.. the deaf man cant tell anyone =p

oh, HELLO people (:
its been days i din update. sorry for that. btw its MONDAY! woots. u come again Mr. Monday? i hate you =.= and i hope you know that. lol.

well, nothing much today. i woke up at 5pm. rofl. i tak guna kan? i know =.= ariff called but still i couldnt get awake. haha. i din go for training today. im not interested to dat job actually =x
choosy? im not. sigh. just that im not interested (:

my money da mengalir macam air. i miss $$ so badly :( urghh. susahnya nak cari. ni sume his fault la ni. you know who you are! haha =p
my key space is getting gay. it got stuck! damn. i press to hard i think? yela, main audi guna space bar an. haha.

i got nothing to write la. hais. nak off la.
bye. LOL.

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