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chapter 127 : I'm not good enough for you.
Dec 24, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

i had audi today and we talk. im not very talkative cause im not in the mood after that "thing" came out. it really spoil my mood and i cant get sleep till now.

i dunno where to start? i got alot of things to say but ..... sigh. urghhh. fish this!

i play 21 guns by greenday feat american idiot musical cast over and over again. i just love the beat. perfect! and the stupid thing is when the song almost done got one girl says

"Nobody likes you.. Everyone left you.. They all laugh without you..
Having the fun"

can i give the middle finger? =.=
da la tengah emo an. boleh plak the words come out. lagi la emo 200%. sigh. dia cam tau2 an? haha. nice. very nice =.=

i went to dis blog and suddenly i feel sad. nono. not sad. dissapointed? no. its diff. the feeling is diff. like hm... how to say. the feeling is like half kecewa, sedikit sad and soooo. YEAH! OMG. yeah yeah. now i knw how i feel. the feeling is UNHAPPY. im unhappy with the post! YES! gosh =.=

please... dont ask me why. cause the feeling... really hard to describe. only the expert people can feel it. and i know buddy. u can feel me cause ure the only person who understand bout my feeling and i dun even need to describe it.

to the person ; i know.. im not good enough for you cause im not that good? i dunno why i feel so down maybe ... maybe ... im scared of losing you? (oh-my-god. did i just said that? faint.) i thought you feel the same way too but i was wrong. hmm.. just don't say anything cause im so broken up now. hahas. so yeh. i will tryyy very hard to ...

urghhhh... wtf am i doin. i think im just make fun of myself in my own blog! damnit!
oh god. i feel so pain. why you give me this feeling? i hate this feeling. i really hate it! why why and why? :(

"Does the pain weigh out the pride?
And you look for a place to hide?
Did someone break your heart inside?
You're in ruins"

i dunno when and how, the tears roll down again.


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