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chapter 125 : I am trying very hard
Dec 21, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

yeh. @ 1.30pm, i am trying very hard to awake to listen all your nag and your negative thoughts. i had enough. i cant stand and the tears roll down. sigh. its been long time i din cry. try to recall but i cant. and thanks for ruin my sleep, dear. came to my place without telling me. make it habit, baby. surprise me more. i just love it! =.=

im tired and sleepy. the whole day, i cant stop yawn-ing. tyra came to my house and we had tok, tok and tok. but still we're bored to death =.=
i got nothing to do so i went audi. sigh. audi still cant cheer me up. idk what is wrong with me. maybe im too tired so no mood to do anything? today is soooo not me. hais.

oh gosh. i dun even have energy to press! i wanna sleep but i just cant. and maybe im waiting for you?
I HATE MONDAY. maybe that is one of the reason i feel so down, weak and boring? i hate you Mr.Monday
go awayyyy..

"I miss the awkward feeling of our bodies together. dump her.
im here and hello, im waiting for you."

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