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chapter #62 : Im bored again
Jan 3, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

i cut my hair =D

my new hair. no diff. i knw. shuddup! lol. its short. nt rly short la. my dad said, "u cut ur hair or not? cause no diff =.=". WTFISH? see me face to face la! then u knw gt diff or not. lol. uh uh, i cut my fringe oso. nt rly short. but okok la. lol

tmr im goin out with wida. wee. midvalley, here i come =D. actually we go there fr job hunting. hehe. my dad keep askin me to find a job. arghhh. i comfortable with my life now. but, hw long u wanna stay like dis? i must find job, get money then shopping! rawrrr! haha.

ok, im bored. spend time with dillon like only 30mins? zz. he on9 but dota-ing with hag. zz again. then he on9 again. but he nid to go slp. zzzz AGAIN! then he POOF! off9 alr. sigh. im so bored. like dunno what to do. no mood fr audi oso. then my mei on9. so we tagging hearts. i really wan the 2 hearts gold ring. rawrr! lol. only tag fr awhile then we ubp-ing.

so yeah. now im blogging. and i shud go slp. since tmr im goin out. nitez.


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