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chapter #60 : Trojan Horse
Jan 2, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

sigh. hard fr me to describe what is my current feeling now. i feel sad, angry, stress, happy, messed up. double sigh. today i woke up early. around 10am? ariff came to my house. so yeah. we slack. settle our problem. etc. then, he went to office. so, like always i turn on my comp. login my ID then suddenly my screen BLANK. yes, its blank. haiz

i cannot see anything except the white cursor. aiyoo. wtf is happenin? well, i tot is only normal prob. so i shut down comp, and turn on again. i alr do dat 3x ok? still nt work. suddenly i feel scared, if my parent knows bout dis, i sure die. they wont let me stay up until morning. of course. sure mom dun let me use comp anymore. then i start to cry. yeah. like a baby -.-

then i call ariff, i tell him bout dis. then he cool me down. he say, call HP customer care. i did. and yeah. the agent ask me to press key F10, F9, F8. still not work! still same! i cannot see anythin at the desktop. no icon! no start button. i feel stress u know. then the agent say, i nid to reinstall my windows. im like WTFISH? i nv backup all the files. then u wan me to reinstall! FISH THIS!

i ask him, if i do backup, hw much it will charge? 100bucks. dotz. in my mind, i wanna buy new handbag. if i tell dad bout dis, i cannot buy that handbag sia. gosh. what am i suppose to do? so i choose reinstall without backup my files. haiz. all my pics, AUDITIONSEA, latest song, POOF! gone. i feel so stupid. everyday my comp gt remind me, "Backup your files". but i just ignore dat. now what? regret? ha ha ha. too late ler. sigh.

so, i spend d whole day, redload and reinstall everything dat i lost. especially audi. eee. it takes 5 hours to dload. gosh. nw 79%. sian la. what happen to my windows? rmb i gt post wida came to my hse, she wan take her pendrive back? yeah. her pendrive gt TROJAN HORSE. so, that damn fcukin virus effect my comp. haiz. my anti virus oso stupid one. lame. cannot protect my comp.

im nt angry. cause thing alr happen. what to do? but lil bit stress. cause i lost all the files.
and i miss you, darling (:


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