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chapter #57 : Ssup?
Dec 31, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)

i miss you, boyfriend (:
thanks to wida cause she woke me up today around 4.30pm. lols. iloveyou, girlfriend. the reason she called me, she wan her pendrive back. so she came to my house. we talk, talk and talk. no photo taken. sry. cause im so FUGLEH. haha. then she ask me, u still with your audi cpl? the answer is yes. alr 2 months and still counting. lol. i wan my dream ring. rawrrr.

so she came here only fr awhile cause she in rushin mode. lol. so the next house is naemah's house. she countdown at naemah's place. hahas. soon we hangout together, k babe? teehee :D. okay today is 31st December 2008. 2009 is coming. so byebye 2008.

soleha text me to join her at the curve. at 1st, the plan is doin good. since my sis can drive me to the curve. but too bad. have to cancel cause ariff gt work to do. so yeah. i just stay at home and online. watching tv. blablabla -.-

im gonna cut my hair soon. heee. my hair so messy and so outdated. lol. so im gonna cut it! RAWRRR! lol.


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