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chapter #56 : Daily routine
Dec 30, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)

5.30pm : i woke up at 5pm. wtf?! i tot mom gonna scold me. but phew. im lucky? lol. like always, turn on the comp, go bathe, lunch. LOL. lunch? hahaha. then on9.

7.00pm : haiz. im so bored. really bored. gosh. since karus cannot use comp, im lonely. yeah. kinda? cause he cant accompany me. and dillon busy with his flyff. so yeah. im bored. i keep goin in and out audi. haiz. ice is not on9. IM SO BORED WEI!

8.00pm : i really dunno what to do now. BOREDOM IS KILLING ME. im dying here! oh, i call dad and ask him to buy me a topup.

10.00pm : .... i still bored

12.00am : same thing. im bored. sigh.

1.00am : teehee :D ice is on9. im happy (:

2.00am : ok im nt happy. i no mood. no mood to play. dun ask -.-

3.00am : ok i gt mood to play now. hahaha. me and ice exchnge acc. and we tag hearts. and the cpl lvl alr up ler. so jyjys (:

4.00am : dude, i cant stop laughin! hahahaha. aiyo. stomach pain. lol.

5.00am : aww. u makes me smile. its so sweet ok? rly sweet (:

6.00am : i crying T.T . the sad love story makes me cry like mad.

7.00am : nite nite. sleep tight (:


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