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chapter #58 : 2008
Dec 31, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)

Here the list
  1. wow. im 17 and im one of the spm candidate. lol. scary.
  2. this year is my last year. i will nt go to sch anymore (:
  3. i cheat on ariff. again. gosh. im so bad.
  4. i gt big fight with kampung girls. so lame -.-
  5. i skip sch alot.
  6. went holiday with ariff fr the 1st time
  7. i joined fitness
  8. i start to play audition.
  9. ppl cant stop bitching bout me. zz
  10. i got a crush on an asshole.
  11. i have had my heart broken. sigh
  12. i chnged phone which i dun expect mom will give me.
  13. mom giv me a new comp on my bday (:
  14. my sis gt a boyfriend. finally. haha
  15. i bought molpoint which waste my money. hahaha.
  16. i slp at 7am for the 1st time.
  17. me and ariff gt big fight. haiz.
  18. i lied to ppl
  19. i bitched bout ppl
  20. my so called best fren backstab me. ouch. damn hurt :'(
  21. i went to indonesia.
  22. i spent my weekend at kampung. gosh. dat place damn kampung.
  23. well, forget bout d past, and i forgive naemah. so we become frens again.
  24. ariff sleepover at my house
  25. my rm in pink color (:
  26. my duit raya decrease.
  27. i din go anywhere fr countdown. dats sad.
  28. i watched soccer LIVE. lol
  29. i watched 3D movie. lol
  30. i gt fight with thyra. haiz. lame. hahaha


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