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chapter #54 : OH MY GOD!
Dec 28, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)

dude, i feel very bad. omfg. i shud nt do dat. im rly sorry. gosh. i feel guilty. and BAD. RLY BAD. ok say sorry wont help anythin. cause, past is d past. and it alr happen. so yeah. haiz. then i tell my frens bout this. so yeah. they make me calm. haha. i cannot relax! cause, idk. i feel bad T.T

idk y i do dat. maybe cause i still gt d angry feeling? haha. lame ah. i know. sry dude. idk hw to say dis. but im rly sry. sigh. its not dat i dowan to admit. just. i feel so bad. and shy? LMAOO. lol. yeah. arghhh. stress stress.


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