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chapter #55 : Untitled
Dec 29, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)

finally i went out. hahas. as usual, me and ariff went to midvalley. ok. im lame. srsly. i dunno why im so stupid. i go book the movie at 1.10pm. im so stupid. so we miss the movie. cuz we reach midvalley around 2.30pm. haha. I HAVEN WATCH TWILIGHT FR GOD SAKE! sian la. we watch bolt 3D. yeah. dat cartoon movie. haha. its nice. cuz its in 3D (:

afta so long i craving fr cookies, finally i bought famous amos. lol. yummy ~ now in my list, i wan buy new handbag. i survey the handbag alr. no photo taken. sry. lol. then we shop. i bought new shirt at esprit. ariff oso gt his new shirt. then we slack. then he buy me dis one pillow at missT. love shape. aww. u sweet. at 1st he wanted to buy me a teddy bear. im like. omfg. i hate teddy bear. zz. den i told him, why dun we go survey 1st. then i ask him to go missT. then he bought me the pillow.
thank you (:

so yeah. nth much today. since me and him still in fight condition. lols. so dats all peeps.


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