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chapter #53 : Smile (:
Dec 27, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)

boo (:
im blogging. boo. im back! lol. ughh. actually nothing to blog about. ha ha ha! just today, IM HAPPY. yes i am (: and im not gonna tell you why. haha. secret. shh! lol. uh, but before that.. im stress. aww. then being sensitive. im not emo-ing. just.. i need you. haiz. SO GIVE ME YOUR ATTENTION! rawrrr! lol. so yeah. afta being too sensitive, im ok already. haha. gedik. i know. so what? im a girl. what u expect? =p

shud be today im going out. but then the plan was cancel. cause i frgot to ask money frm dad. plus, they already went out. so yeah. i just stay at home. audi-ing and watch the same movie over and over again. lame? i know, dear (:

i haven watch twilight. sian. and madagascar. more sian. im really out dated now. i dunno which song is d popular one, and dunno which movie is box office? im like. omfg. yeah. my fault. cause i din go out. but hey. i can use internet. but im so lazy ass. hahaha.

so thats all for today.
toddles (:


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