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chapter 213 : Nothing much.
Mar 13, 2010 | comment | 4 comment(s)

sister : A'yeen ~
me : pe? -___-
sister : A'yeen ~ A'yeen
me : peee? =="
sister : A'yeen ~ hihihi.
me : wtf? =___=

We went to Desa Park City. Hohoho. I never been there before. Hahaha. That is so gay? LOL. So yeh. The taman very nice la. So nice and I saw lots of shuai ge. Hahaha. Lots of dogs too =x Yela, dorg bawak their own pet jalan-jalan kan? Heee.

Tomorrow, we going to Manjalara pulak and nak main layang-layang. Yay yay! Triple YAY! Excited nyaaa. Hahaha. Kinda miss Tyra cause she away to PD but heh. Bukannya lama pun. Esok she balik la but still, I miss you, bitch :(

Oh btw, I went to Audi event this evening and yeh I advanced to quarter final on next saturday. Heee.
I really have no idea what to write dah. Thats all for now x.x
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