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chapter 212 : Screw Audi !
Mar 12, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

AuditionSEA will held an event on 13 March! Okay, should be on the 13 March. But then tadi when I open the website, tetiba kua list ni la kan. So okay la. I tengok-tengok ada my name. Okay good. Then, when I read back, why suddenly 06 March? LIKE WTF? Sial la. Bukan ke dia mention 13 March? Buktinya . .

The thing iswhy qualifying dia on the 06 March? If 06 March, dah lepas la kan? WTF IS THIS? Stupid audi! Bodoh. Aku bengang la ni kan! If dorang dah buat on the 06, rasa cam waste gila la aku tunggu event ni kan? Cam bodo la. Excited kot nak join event ni?

Plus, Tyra got same room with me. If you click larger image, u will see Tyra's IGN just bawah my IGN. U know, I dah plan dah my time nak bangun kul bpe then nak klua nak lepak kul bpe sume just fr this event okay? I dah plan everything! N now what? Screw audi la. ZZZZZZZZZ.

Lepas tu mode dia dah la senang. 8k. Lagu plak senang nak mati! Gosh. Rugi gila kot if da lepas? Cause I know that I can win. Wahh. Riak plak. Tapi if same room ngn Tyra, memang kena fight la kan. Hahaha. I still remembered when I went to an event then I got same room with Tyra. Woo. Happy la jugak tapi rasa cam cuak ah cause takut kalah ngn minah ni je. Hahaha.

But in the end, dua-dua qualified untuk next round. F- owning the room kot time tu? LOL! Ok back to the story, memula tu before I x prasan the date tu, I said to Tyra yang I dapat same room dengan dia. Then she said, macam la dia leh g kan cause she gonna go to PD tomorrow. Sadly, im not gonna join them. Idk. Ask dad. His reason - busy. Diu! zzz.

If Tyra ada, baru nak F- fam own the room kan? LOL! Tapi. Iskk. I dont know la. See how la esok. Ada ke x. Sigh.
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