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chapter 211 : Same old story, not much to say.
Mar 12, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

Hello, peeps!
Farah is back. Hell yeah! (:

Seriously, my connection is acting like a bitch! Sorry if I agak lambat reply all your blogwalking ke, comment ke or whatever shiit la kan. LOL. Uhm. Im doing good people. Yes, I am! Glad to hear that? LOL. Im doing good. Like really damn fcuking good. Hah! Get me? LOL.

Im really sorry sorry and sorry to all my followers cause I didnt update my blog like 1 week already kan? Last post was on 1st march. LOL! So, Farah is back. And guess what? My nuffnang account changed to an "Ordinary Account" LOL! Thats sound soo nice. Right guys? Hahaha. So, I need your help! Help me! Yeh! Help me to get back my gliteratti title! I need that cause I wanna earn more moneyy! Yes baby! More money! LOL.

Oh for your information, im working at the Menara Star. Its been 2 week I dekat sana dah. And so far so good. I like the job and the people too! Well, baru-baru keje mesti la semua tnjuk baik kan? Lol. Ive no mood to story panjang-panjang. Nanti la dekat next chapter, alright? Btw, im not in a good mood. Mood swings. Idk why? Period is coming maybe? LOL. Oh wait. I dun think so. Lambat lagi kot. Oh crap. Why we tokin bout this? Heh -__-

I will try my best to blogging again and try to update more. Heee. Like the old times. Uhm. I miss the old times. Rindunyaaaaaaaaaaaaa. HAHAHA. Oh oh, on this Saturday, im planning to go to the Matta Fair 2010. Planning to go there with my sistah. And tomorrow also she gonna join me lunch. Weee. Shes coming to Star! I will try to take some photos. So, just wait for the next update. Heee.

Thats all for now I guess. Ni jela yang I boleh summarize at the moment. Hahas. See ya.
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