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chapter 132 : Take it or LEAVE it !
Dec 29, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)


currently YOU ARE IN MY TERRITORY! this is my blog so i can write and do whatever i want in my OWN way!
AND YOU! YES YOU! the one who reading this, you cant do anything! so just shut the fuck up! and just read what i write!

i had enough! you really cross the limit and yeh u can go to hell with your fuckin thought!

astaga . . . . . .

sigh. sorry for the vulgar words. i got my own limit but you really make me BOOM! sigh.

please la. i create a blog cause i wanna blog bout my personal life and i wanna share it to others. if you cant accept it, you can go die or do whatever you like. whats the point i create blog but i cant share how i feel into this blog? bodoh la kan? think about it.

everytime i wanna post sumthing i will get STUCK! cause why? if i say something, the other will get hurt. apa yg hurt xtau la. bofo dofo! ARGHHH, PI MAMPOS! kau ada fikir perasaan aku? fuck la! urghh. im so stress. oh-my-god :(

oh btw, when i get mad i will curse! YES! i cant stop curse! so what? at least im not pretending! and i din say dat im a gd girl! its up to you all to judge me cause i really dont give a shit (:

people who know me well, they know who i am.
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