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chapter #51 : It's been so long
Dec 25, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)

sorry for late update.
nowadays im kinda busy (yeah right) and so lazy ass to update my blog. i keep lookin at others blog, but din update mine. lols. so nothing much about me. i haven find any job right now. i stay at home - online, watch tv, sleep, eat, bathe. lol. so lazy me. but im comfortable with my life now. stayin up until 5am then wake up around 3pm? lol. playin game non stop. walao. i never imagine my life will turn up like this. haha. im still in holidays, baby (:

i got feedback from taylor college. good feedback i guess? haha. but im not sure yet. since my sister keep forcin me to join UiTM. damn. the campus like so far away? plus i dun think i can go in. im plannin to take driving license. and and my dad gonna teach me how to drive every weekend. shud be la kan. but still in my list.

oh, in this week im so not in the mood. hahas. sorry if i got scold u or make u feel hurts with my reaction. its just.. ughh how to say dis. haha. nvm. just forget it. but im really sorry (:
im really tired and right now my back is aching. my hands oso. my neck pain! omg. im gettin old.


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