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chapter 258 : Blablabla, it's my birthday today!
May 13, 2010 | comment | 1 comment(s)

Its my birthday, today (:

Im officially 19 years old. Im getting old kan? -_- I know. Amilia asked me, do I have plan on my birthday blablabla. Nope. Xda. Haha. Biarlah semua random. So, I can call anyone who using maxis for free. Cool. Tapi I rasa celcom lagi cool kot? 7 days for free! LOL. And wow. Im surprised! Looks like semua org ingat my bday kot? Tiba-tiba tahun ni macam lebih meriah? Haha. Good thing. And thanks to Ivan! He called from Singapore just wanna wish me "Happy birthday".

They sing "Happy birthday" song. Aww. Thanks alot guys. Im touched sekejap? LOL. Semua stress dapat dilupakan sekejap. Haha. Oh, I can see that he is so ego and yeah. Whatever. By the way, sis bought me a birthday cake. Thanks alot, sis. And I cried. Haha. I don't know. Maybe I feel touched kot? But whatever. Everything was great and I had fun walaupun kena kerja? Haha.

Oh, I can't wait to see my honey bee on this saturday :P
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