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chapter 261 : A day with him ♥
May 16, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

Summarize sikit (:

Okay, last saturday went out with Nashriq. Gila x sabar nak jumpa kan? Lol. He woke me up at 7am. Awal gila k sayang? Lol. Then, Tyra text suruh bangun. Blablabla. Wow. I ada 2 alarm la. Cool :D
So, I was rushing gila. Baju semua takda and all. Haha. I hate that situation -_- I should prepare benda tu semua malam tadi kot. Went to pavi and tgk movie and okay la. The movie nice jugak la. Okay la. Yeah. Okay. Kot? But serious la. Okay :D

So, from pavi to klcc and blablabla. Yada, yada and yada. Then he bagi I "chocs" and the "chocs" yummy gila. I suka, by. Ilysm. Kalau boleh memang tanak lepaskan you, okay? LOL. And sumpah, tunggu my bro pick me up till im sweating kot? -_- Dahla lambat plus x sabar nak bukak gift kan? Haha. I love the box. Really. And the card too! And and now I miss him, again (:

So.. So.. Im planning to cut my hair. Maybe end of this month kot? Yupp. End of this month. So, bye bye split end. Haha. That's all I guess? Lately malas nak update :P
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