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chapter #101 : and it's time for me to move on
Nov 11, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

my life is messed up.
and currently im living in my own world.
there is no one in my world. only me. just me =p

so yeah. im working. and still working in the same place.
nothing much different.
i really miss my old friends :(
Amilia, puvana, fana, leya. i miss you, guys. BADLY, okay? :(

my love life so screw up. and my life so miserable. and what else?
hurm.. everything so ****-up :)
dat is d conclusion to my life :D
oh by the way, i think im comfortable with myself now.
im getting used to have a miserable life and screw lovelife. LOL !

i think my own world is cool.
happiness. u give me the happines.
yes, YOU.
you know who you are (:

i have the same problem with amilia. yes babe.
i know how u feel cause im facing it now (:
well, lets hope this thing will over.
okay, i hope i can blogging again cause lately im kinda busy.
so no time for blogging.

idk what to do with my life. and currently im being a lalang.
just go with the flow. haha. actually i aim-ing one thing.
hope i can get it xD
amin ~


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