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chapter #95 : Bali, Indonesia
Jul 26, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

working at the Legend Hotel make me wanna go travel around the world.
watching people from the other country everyday,
make me wanna go travel so much.

this time, i want a relaxing holiday.
and i want to spend this moment with Sayang.
oh please, give me one more holiday :(

see the ocean. so blueee!
oh oh, the sand so white and pretty!

i wanna go to Bali!
and i told Sayang bout it.
i know Sayang will make my dreams come true. haha.
i dont mind if lambat or cepat but Baby please bring me to Bali! XD
right now, me and Sayang working on it.
can i stay there for 1 week? :D

working as Guest Service Officer its kinda hard to get cuti lama.
plus im busy with my work and same goes to Sayang.
but we gonna figure out. hehe. i love you, By!

next, i wanna go to Disneyland! hahaha. dream on, Farah! LOL.
i wish i can go there, one day (:
before that,
i want to discover all the interesting place in Malaysia.
bercita-cita besar aku ni. haha.
even the KL tower pun i never go before. haha. so sad. LOL.
but im planning to go there next week with Sayang (:


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