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chapter #92 : family tree
Jul 16, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

our family tree (:

based on the picture above,
ariff said, he want all his boys main bola. LOL.

HE make me to do this. haha.
suddenly, out of no where
we planning our future. heee :D
when we wanna get married,
how many kids,
how much we wanna spend for our wedding
and alot of things (:

last week,
we went to midvalley exhibition for a wedding event. haha
chill. we not gonna marry like so soon?
just wanna make a survey (:

its funny when i think bout it.
but it makes me happy
cause i know that sayang choose me to be his one and only :D
i hope what im saying its true, by! haha

i love you, muhammad ariff kamaruzaman


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