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chapter #89 : you don't know how it feels like.
Jul 10, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

you never know how it feels cause you never feel it before.
and congrats, you're lucky.

they keep asking me,
"tak nak sambung study ke?"
"study kat mana?"

and the best part is,
my sooo called "best friend" just call me to ask
"so, whr r u study now?"
then, "oh, ok bye"
for you my friend i say, FUCK YOU!
you never ask how am i doin,
and all you do is keep askin me the same question like everyday?
i tot when i got 9 missed call from you,
you got something wanna tell me.
but i was wrong, cause you never give up to call me
just wanna ask whr im study now.

seriously, im bored with all this kind of question.
STOP ASKING ME! im sick of it!
who wants to be rejected? TELL ME!

its sad when i knew that im not in the list.
i cried and i blame myself.
i feel so dissapointed!
i know there is no point to regret.
things are already happen.
and i dont want it to be happen.
and i never ask for it to be happen!
maybe no chance for me at this time.

im currently waiting for the second intake.
in this situation, i must be patient.
i dont want to rush. cause this is about my future.
and wish me all the best.

lots of my friends are now already start their studies.
some of them in form 6.
but most of them in college and university.
while im here still working. sigh.


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