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chapter #83 : DON'T MESS WITH ME!
Jun 7, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

what a nice day today. heeee :D

let me introduce to you guys,
the new bitch! weeeee!
clap clap clap!

she says : hello, im a bitch (:
1 buck per night. call me, im waiting :D

about her :
* she's a clubber. LOL -_-
* she's 19 years old.
* working.
* i dunno her status.
maybe single and finding or taken and still finding or idk. haha.
she's a bitch! sorang tak cukup, okay? LOL!
* loves to ruin people's life (:
* she's a big fat liar.
* she loves to talk crap.
* and she's a bitch a.k.a whore :D

you guys can contact her thru myspace or facebook.
here's the link (just click on the link)

if you want her phone number, DO ASK ME (:

im selling people dowh! hahahahahaha!
so what? -_-
i only sell this bitch!
dunno gonna laku or not. sure tak dowh! hahahaha!
i wish this person can see this. hahaha!
one day,
u gonna thank me cause you're sooooooooooooooooo gonna be famous, baby!

actually, i dont want to put your picture on my blog
it SEMAK okay?
but ure forcing me! i really dont want to.
but im sorry. awww :D
this is the beginning.
if you still wanna messing with me. go ahead, bitch!
i can do more!!
but please dont make me to do more than this (:
you sure not gonna like it.

before this,
i only put ur link.
but at this time, you're going to far.
stop create a new lies and problems.
youre just wasting your time, your credit, and your ideas to pissing me off.
come on, bitch! wake up! and MOVE ON!
past is past. face the fact!
wake up from your "nak bersama sehingga ke anak cucu" world!
you're just a piece of shitt. ggrrr! :P

im done (:


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